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ProcessProgramme APAR

Based on Organic Agriculture, our production has 3 certified oases, for the moment, in areas of Djérid and Nefzewa, this will guarantee the ability to meet the quality standards required by our consumers.

Our conviction that quality is a must, each year the harvest of our producers is the subject of a control and special monitoring to ensure optimal selection of dates. The caliber, appearance, freshness, humidity and bacteriological values are checked by our quality service to ensure that only compliant dates are integrated into the production process.

In this context we seek to develop a plan to manage the quality at entry of the APAR farm according to four steps:

A- After the Harvest:

The internal control service ensures postharvest control of good agricultural practices performed by our farmers (support, control, monitoring, training and vulgarization).


P-Preparation of the Harvest:

The Quality Department supports the necessary preparations for planning the harvest in collaboration with the Internal Control Service.

The Quality Manager of South Organic develops the gathering program.

Generally the Quality Department monitors and controls all the gathering operations.


A- Before the Harvest:

Collaboration between the Quality department and the Internal Control Department: Control and Monitoring of Quality during the different stages before the harvest (during the different reproductive stages from pollination to maturity stage, Insects screen protecion , phytosanitary treatment ...)


R- Harvest:

Collaboration between the Quality and Production Departments to ensure good quality management during harvest (classification, supply, logistics and inventory management).