1. Dates
    1. Dates Deglet Nour
    2. Industrial Pitted dates
  2. Dried fruits



Cultivated according the APAR program, our dates follow a well-defined traceability process during harvest. Dates pass through the South Organic gathering network and primary sorting before arriving at the production site.

The South Organic network composed of gathering and sorting centers is committed to improve the quality of our products. Indeed, the primary sorting minimizes risk by eliminating waste before reception at the production site, but also the creation of these centers allows the creation of job opportunities participating in the socio-economic development of oases.

The quality is our choice. In fact, in 2008, we increased cold storage capacity. In 2012 our factory has been totally renovated, the equipment has been upgraded and modernized.

South Organic remains a modern plant that reflects the level of quality growth that we occupy in the international market in order to meet the expectations of our consumers.

Our process ensures the continuous improvement of the quality of our products throughout the manufacturing steps.

At all levels of the production process, South Organic applies quality control instructions in accordance with the standards and regulatory requirements, aiming at ensuring that at the end of each of the different operations of the production process, the product retains all its natural features namely its nutritional quality, microbiological quality and sensory characteristics to offer the consumer a high quality product.

The valorization of palm groves problems is a favorable element for quality improvement. We seek to benefit the best from palm products through their transformations thanks to more advanced technologies offering our customers various products.